28. oktober 2017 - 22:00
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Thunderdome: 25 years of Hardcore | Official Thunderdome Event | Jaarbeurs | zaterdag, 28. oktober 2017

Thunderdome: 25 years of ******** | Official Thunderdome Event
Saturday, October 28th
Utrecht, The Netherlands

DIE HARD DAY pass holders: February 24th - March 3rd
DIE HARD DAY pass holders will receive ticket info February 17th after 20:17 hrs (CET)

TATTOO registration: March 6th - April 14th

EARLY RAVER (early bird) registration starts April 17th

Saturday, October 28th: 22:00 - 07:00 hrs



Stay tuned for the release of our official trailer at 20:17 hrs, 02-17, 2017.

Die hard Thunderdome fans!!!!

We are thrilled to finally announce the biggest ******** event of 2017. On the 28th of October, Thunderdome will celebrate 25 years of ******** in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht! We’re bringing an ode to the biggest youth culture the Netherlands has ever known and rest assured we’ll make every single corner of the Jaarbeurs shake until the early morning.

The Final Exam in the RAI in 2012 seemed to be a legendary memory we would carry in our hearts for decades. Today, almost five years later, our dedicated fans and the growing desire for a comeback forced us to pick up where we left and show the world how it’s done. This will be the biggest, ******** party of 2017. Make sure you’re part of it.

Thunderdome is still the most powerful ******** brand alive, represented in countless CD cabinets and with merchandise still worn by young and old. Ever since the kick-off in 1992 we have been dominating the ******** scene.

This night is meant to celebrate 25 years of ********. Together we have built an empire over the past two-and-a-half decades, an empire that deserves to be celebrated in the most honourable way possible. We would love to take this responsibility and invite you to join us at ‘Thunderdome: 25 years of ********’

Dive into the ******** world of Thunderdome and help us write ******** history once more. No excuses, no prisoners. Only ******** to the mother*cking bone!
  • Iemand die nog een ticket verkoopt?? Zou ******* vet zijn! Somebody who has a ticket for sale?? Would be ******* nice!
  • Any tickets for sale please
  • Looking for 2 tickets pleaseeee
  • I'm looking for 2 tickets :)
  • Somebody who sells a ticket? Send pm!! Iemand die 1 ticket verkoopt? Zend pm!!
  • Thunderdome Till We Die!!! 100% waar nog ff en dan is het zo ver.
  • Thunderdome 😍😍😍😍
  • 2 kaartjes gezocht. Stuur me een berichtje als je er een over hebt, kan ook bij 1 kaartje. Zal bericht weghalen als het al is opgelost.
  • Hello! I am looking for two tickets, I will pay up to 85 euro.
  • **** i hate this screen... aaaaand the tickets are out
  • Beware of scammers! Use ticketswap! ⛔️CINDY HELDEN, JADENA NADINE, EVI DE VRIES👆🏻= fake/id fraude/oplichter! www.ticketoplichting.nl/oplichters
  • Heb ik 4 kaarten voor de liefhebber stuur je mij een PM!?
  • Wees er snel bij! OP=OP!
  • Zoek 3 tickets wie kan mij helpen. P.o.t.k dus shoot
  • Wie kan mijn gelukkig maken met 1 kaartje voor THUNDERDOMEEE???!!:)
  • Opzoek naar 1 kaartje, wie o wie kan mij helpen? Dank is groooot!!! 🙂
  • Hierbij verkoop ik mijn kaartje voor Thunderdome. Helaas ben ik verhinderd.
  • I'm looking for 1 ticket to buy!!
  • Happy to pay €120 (each) for two tickets if someone can set up a private sale via ticketswap.
  • Wie oh wie gaan er nog meer met de bus vanuit Helmond? #verdernietnieuwsgierighoor😂
  • Bonjour je cherche 2 places pour la thunderdome faite mp