16. maart 2018 - 10:00 tot 18:30
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National Honours Forum 2018: Post-work Societies | Rabobank Nederland Bestuurscentrum | vrijdag, 16. maart 2018

Are you an honours student studying economics in the Netherlands? Are you interested in expanding your knowledge through an interactive forum full of discussion and debate? Then come and join our event on the 16th March 2018!

The forum will be split into 5 hands-on workshops, each tackling a different perspective of our overarching theme: Post-work societies!

Track A: The Social Perspective: Universal Basic Income

Track B: The Digital Infrastructure Perspective: Data Privacy

Track C: The Political Perspective: Taxation & Welfare

Track D: The Financial Perspective: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Track E: The Environmental Perspective: Sustainability

Students will work as a group within their chosen workshop, eventually giving a short presentation on what they have learned to the other groups. Of course, discussion of the potential problems and solutions of post-work societies is encouraged!

Register for the event and your preferred workshops here: