13. september 2019 - 8:30 tot 10:00
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What Really Gets People Motivated? | | vrijdag, 13. september 2019

It’s crucial that leaders and managers know about what makes people tick and what drives human performance. If they do, they can start to better understand what motivates people and what as employers they can do to better engage employees in the process of work.
Employers are not fully aware of neuroscience and the great research out there that gives valuable insights into human behaviour and performance. Those who are tapping into the research and applying it, quickly see the benefits and become much more effective at communicating and building strong working relationships between colleagues.

Delivered by experts Alison Blackler from 2Minds and Andy Cross from ConcentricHR, this session will give you the chance to explore how what motivates people and how to use this knowledge to improve your team/business.

In this session, we will:

Consider the neuroscience to drive engagement

Reflect on the skills of leaders and managers in your business

Understand the importance of a clear vision

Challenge if ‘you walk your talk’

Come and engage in a lively discussion about this issue and learn how to get people really motivated.