01. oktober 2019 - 8:30
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Scaleup North East - PreScale Boot Camp | RTC North | dinsdag, 01. oktober 2019

Too involved in running your business?  

Scaleup North East want to give you some dedicated time to work ON your business.   

If you have real  ambition to scale in the future, our 2-day pre-scale boot camp is for you! 


We’ll help you plan your growth effectively, better understand your people, get a real handle on your numbers, and clearly define your customer value proposition. With two days of expert led, practical sessions and actionable insight, you’ll leave with a management toolkit and plans you’ll be able to implement into your business, creating immediate impact. 

Please note the boot camp is not for start-ups. We’re looking for companies that have been successfully and actively trading for two years and growing their businesses; have a turnover of a minimum £100k by the end of year two, and employ staff.

Day 1 - Mindset and action planning 

Discover the roadblocks that get in the way of growth! - We’ll look at how to get you in the right head space to be effective in your business. 

Personality profiling – The world is the same place but the way in which we see it as individuals is very different. Learn how this can have a huge impact on job roles and effective communication. 

Create your customer value proposition – You’ll understand your USP and how to get more of the right customers buying from you at the right price. You will also develop an effective sales message to help you bring in more sales. 


Day 2 – Understanding your finances and customers 

Learn how to manage your finances – Learn how to understand and manage the critical numbers in your business to put you in control of your company finances. 

Action planning - You’ll complete a one-page 12 - month personal plan which is guaranteed to get you and your team focused on doing the right things to drive your business forward.  

This intensive 2-day workshop is FREE OF CHARGE, but places are limited to a first come, first served basis. Due to the high demand for this event, a non-attendance fee may be charged for no-shows, so please only book a space, if you can commit to spending 2 full days working on your business!