19. september 2019 - 10:30 tot 11:30
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Stock, Buttsbury and People Power a talk by Peter Brierley, local resident | Greenwoods Hotel & Spa | donderdag, 19. september 2019

Details: Discover how this tranquil Essex village was first visited by the Romans, became involved in the Peasants Revolt, followed by Religious Persecutions, and the spread of Nonconformity.Here are some of the local subjects Peter will enlighten us on...
A brief history of Greenwoods and Orchard HouseThe Roman route from Caesaromagus to the ThamesThe seven Manors of ButtsburyThe Pheasant's Revolt in nearby Norsey Wood and some were shot at a local innCatholics versus Protestants, Ingatestone Hall with its priest's hiding placesThe dissenters, meeting illegally and in secretThe Preaching Cross at the meeting point of three parish boundaries to avoid arrestThe spread of nonconformity and John ThorntonThe Flemish, fleeing from religious persecution, their influence on the communityHear about some eccentric charactersAle Houses galore, one possibly with its own ghost: 'Spider'Hear stories about some of the local buildings Hear about the workhouse and two of its more recent inhabitants 'Stocks' a particular type of brick **** Turpin lived and 'worked' nearby Local education -three separate schools Learn of the failed Country Club and the more recent owners The decline of agriculture Starter homes for multi-millionaires