23. oktober 2019 - 16:00 tot 16:30
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Aura Reading and Evaluation | Body & Brain Yoga & Tai Chi - Scottsdale | woensdag, 23. oktober 2019

Your Aura Picture tells you a lot of different things. It can be your character, state of mind, talent, condition of organs, or blockages in your body. After taking aura picture, we will evaluate Aura and show you the balance between activity & relaxation and balance between physical, energy, & spiritual body. We can also show you where your blockages occur in your body and organs. After Aura Picture is taken, we will show you how to correct posture, breathing, and releasing the tension, and increasing the energy. It is a 1-on-1 session for $10.*Please wear comfortable clothes and socks.* If you have any questions, call 480-391-8916.
** We have more classes offered, please check www.bodynbrain.com/scottsdale.