16. mei 2019 - 9:00
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Livework Academy: Advanced service design training | Livework studio Rotterdam | donderdag, 16. mei 2019

You want to build on your professional service design skills to create valuable impact for your clients or your organisation?
Course description
This two day training will bring your service design skills to the next level.
What we’ll cover:

How to set up a service design project
How to plan and conduct more complex research that produces high quality insights
How to test and implement service concepts that will have real impact
Service design tools and methods from lifecycles, journeys and blueprints to prototyping and implementation methods
How to manage and sell service design projects

Learning objectives
At the end of the course, you’ll know how to manage service design projects more effectively and how best to select and apply the right tools and methods to your challenges. You’ll be able to advocate for a customer-centric approach in your organisation or with clients. You’ll have the confidence to apply the right methods to achieve high impact outcomes.
Program preview
Day 1 morning:

Project planning and management
User research and sensemaking deep dive

Day 1 afternoon:

Creating focus
Mapping journeys, creating blueprints, and identifying opportunity areas

Day 2 morning:

The true creative mind
Ideation and concept development

Day 2 afternoon:

Prototyping and implementation
How to sell service design internally

Who we are
Livework has been in the business of service design since 2001, expanding the discipline with every project we do. We are proud to be thought leaders in our field. We've learned a lot over the last 17 years and have codified this into our training services so everyone can benefit. As service design specialists, we train our clients to become more customer centric and develop the skills to ensure their work has long-term, far-reaching benefits.