14. maart 2020 - 10:00 tot 16:00
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Seminar: It's all about you | Idle Valley Nature Reserve | zaterdag, 14. maart 2020

A light-hearted, yet meaningful seminar about your self.
This seminar of participative workshops helps you to:

Understand yourself and relate to others better
Be your own champion and learn to quiet the self-doubt within you
Find ways to accept and love all of what you are, “warts ‘n’ all”
Become more trusting of your own abilities and improve your self-reliance

Understand yourself and relate to others better.  Knowing and understanding yourself is the first step to unlocking your potential.  Find who you really are.
Have you felt like a fraud who is on the brink of being found out.  This could be in our profession or personal life.  Self-doubt can hold you back and create your own version of Ground-Hog Day.
Self-Acceptance and self-love — easy to say, harder to do. Learn to love even what you don't like about yourself.  Make the most of who you are.
Learn to trust in your abilities and affirm your values.  Believe you are capable and free to make the right choices for you.  Become more self-reliant.
This ticket includes a vegan buffet lunch, provided by award winning, artisan caterers, Go-V.  If a vegan lunch is just not for you, please feel free to bring your own or use the cafe on site.  Please note, anything ordered from the cafe is not included in the ticket price.
There is a car park available on site.
Your Facilitators
Kerri Schad - Speaker and Counsellor

"The belief that everyone deserves to enjoy the best mental health they possibly can underpins the work I do.  My work with people, both in businesses and as individuals helps to achieve this.
In terms of my background, I've had quite a varied career, and across many different industries, including construction, utilities, banking and the legal profession.  I realised I had something more to give and I decided to qualify as a counsellor - for me, its all part of the legacy I leave.  I set up my own counselling practice and later, a mental health consultancy business.  Because of my background I have real insight into the stresses and pressures of both personal and working life that people ****.  I am passionate about the work that we do at Hazelwood; helping people who are struggling and in distress to take control of their lives.
I founded Hazelwood Counselling Services in 2016, a private counselling practice based in Babworth, Retford, North Nottinghamshire.  Two years later, Hazelwood expanded to include Hazelwood for Business; working to bring mental health advice and training to all business sectors. 
As well as my experience of founding and running my own counselling practice, I have a strong Learning and Development background.  I specialise in leadership development and management training and have over 25 years experience .  I am told by the people I have worked with that I am inspiring and positive - which is not only good to hear but also makes me more determined to continue my work.
I am a registered and qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and an accredited member of the National Counselling Society.  From the Learning Institute, I have achieved qualifications in Learning and Training Delivery as well as Learning and Training Design.  I am also a NLP Practitioner”.
Danielle Kerslake - Speaker and Counsellor

"I believe counselling should be available to everyone. For most of us, there comes a time in life when we need support and a guiding hand. Although we might have a supportive family and caring friends, a counsellor is trained to accompany you on your journey, and help you find the best way through.
My background includes teaching at university and business management. It is at this time when I realised the importance of interpersonal skills, and when I found my true calling. Years before I had obtained a psychology degree but it is becoming an NLP practitioner and trainer that really showed me what was important to me. I then qualified as a counsellor with an Advance Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and became an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society.
I have worked in private practice for more than 10 years. I now have joined Hazelwood Counselling services. In this caring and supportive environment, I am glad to be able to offer, daytime, evenings and weekends appointments, to ensure more people can have access to our services.
Rachel Orgill-Jones - Speaker and Coach

"I work mainly with Hazelwood for Business, the side of Hazelwood which works with businesses, making them more effective by bringing together mental health awareness with leadership and management skills.
My approach is to ask carefully crafted questions so that you uncover your motivations and explore your situation.  This provides you with deeper insight, enabling you to formulate your own solutions and plan your next steps.
I work in many areas of personal development and specialise in:

Managing stress
Maintaining the right work/life balance for you
Returning to work after a long period of time away

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation ICF.  I am also a member of CIPD and I’m CTP and PETALS qualified."
Karen Kelley - Counsellor and Mental Health First Aider

"I believe life is for living and this belief underpins my work. My goal is to help people achieve a life where they feel more in control and more fulfilled.
My history includes 16 years as a Nanny, working in many diverse households all over the world. Then, wanting to settle and put down roots, I decided on a change of direction and started on my journey to become a counsellor. I haven’t looked back since.
I qualified with a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and I am a Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
I have a particular specialism in working with people who experience overwhelming anger.
In addition to working at Hazelwood I work within schools, providing support in main stream and specialist schools, with young people aged 6-18yrs.
At Hazelwood I work with adults and young people (aged 11 years or over) and I have experience in many diverse areas of counselling:

Young People on the ASD/AS Spectrum
Family Therapy
Low self-esteem
Anxiety & Depression

I work in a non-judgemental and empathic way and my approach is one of being genuine, understanding and a gentle challenge."
Queries and Information
Please contact the event organiser, Kerri Schad on 07753 742 153 or email