01. november 2019 - 13:00
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Dr. Liebenson's 15th Year Anniversary Program at EXOS | EXOS | vrijdag, 01. november 2019

Event: Dr. Liebenson's 15th Year Anniversary Program at EXOS 
Sustainable Athletic Development
Dates: November 1-3, 2019
Location: EXOS Arizona 
Schedule: Friday 1-6pm; Saturday 8:30-6pm; Sunday 8-1pm.  
Location: EXOS 2629 E. Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85050
Our experts will share hard earned lessons from -
Major & Minor League Baseball
Olympic Gold Medal Track & Field
Cirque to Solei
Special topics will include -
• Arm health for the overhead athlete
• Introducing strength training to women
• Preventing rehab purgatory
• Mindset of training for athletes
• How much strength is enough?
Our faculty will include -
• Bob Alejo - Senior Associate Athletic Director- Performance and Student-Athlete Welfare
He was the Assistant Athletics Director/Director of Strength and Conditioning at North Carolina State University (2011-2017). Prior to that Alejo was the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Oakland A’s (MLB: 2009-2011 and 1993-2001), Director of Strength and Conditioning at UC Santa Barbara (2005-2008) and held three different strength and conditioning coach titles at UCLA (1984-1993). While there, the Bruins won 25 national championships and produced more than 100 All-Americans. A member of the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, Bob was the strength coach for the Gold medal-winning men's beach volleyball team of Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser in 2008.  After earning his B.A. in physical education from Chico State in 1982, he was the strength and conditioning coach for football at his alma mater. Author and public speaker, Alejo lends his expertise as tthe Director of Sport Science for Power Lift, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS*D) and holds the advanced NSCA Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach Emeritus (RSCC*E).
• Artemis Scantalides - NASM-CPT, StrongFirst Team Leader & Elite Instructor, CK-FMS, DVRT I, Pn1
Artemis and her husband closed Iron Body Studios in 2016 and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada so that her husband could accept a Head Therapist position with Cirque du Soleil. Shortly after arriving in Vegas, Artemis also accepted a position with Cirque du Soleil to work as a Performance Conditioning Specialist in support of their Las Vegas resident show KÀ. Due to the demand of her online coaching and workshop business, Artemis recently stepped down from her position as the dedicated strength and conditioning coach for KÀ because she could no longer handle the demands of her business along with her responsibilities at Cirque du Soleil. 
In addition to her online coaching and workshop business, Artemis remains an On-Call strength coach for Cirque du Soleil, trains clients in person in her home garage gym in Las Vegas, and teaches courses and certifications as a StrongFirst Team Leader. 
• Rachel Balkovec, MS, CSCS, RSCC - completing her MS, Human Movement Sciences: Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dutch National Baseball and Softball Skill Acquisition Coach, 
Previously, she was in several roles with the Houston Astros’ strength and conditioning department.  She completed the 2018 season with their AA affiliate, Corpus Christi Hooks and served as the Latin American Coordinator in her first 2 years with the organization.  She has also served as the Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the St. Louis Cardinals as well as working for other organizations such as Louisiana State University, The Chicago White Sox, Arizona State University, Los Tigres Del Licey Beisbol and EXOS early in her career.  The Omaha native is a former NCAA Division I softball catcher and has special interest in organizational culture and behavioral psychology in relation to coaching.
• Craig Liebenson, DC. Director, L.A. Sports and Spine. 
Formerly team D.C. for LA Clippers, editor Rehabilitation of the Spine & Functional Training Handbook. Health Advisory Board – Equinox. Editorial Boards various scientific indexed (MedLine) journals. Consultations for Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Angels, Washington Wizards, Arizona Diamondbacks, Minnesota Timberwolves. 
Past programs have included -  
Pavel Kolar
Clare Frank
Robert Lardner 
Chris Duffin
Guido van Ryssegem
Nick Winkelman
Brian Carroll
Anna Hartman
Giancarlo Russo
Petra Valoucova
& others 
Strength: It’s necessary but to what degree?
• Strength as the basis for power- when and when not to focus on it.
• Surfing the Force-Velocity curve.
• When does strength not become the focus?
• Early strength acquisition and implications.
Anaerobic (glycolytic) vs Aerobic (oxidative) training for Anaerobic sports
• The science.
• Onset of blood lactate- implications.
• Does an aerobic base really exist?
• Do higher Max Vo2’s result in better recovery from anaerobic work?
• Can you increase Max Vo2 with glycolytic (HIIT) training? 
Instability Training doesn’t do what you think it does- The science and practical application of training in/with unstable modes.
• Not all training is done on unstable surfaces nor is it just relegated to lower body methods.
• Most studies appear to show that EMG increases under unstable conditions and is similar to many cases when performing exercises in a stable environment. 
• There is the thought that If an athlete practices balancing when lifting weights, the result will be an increase in strength and better balance on the playing field. It’s really quite the contrary, in many instances.
• Regardless of chronological training age or skill level, instability training with or versus traditional weight training exercises shows no significant advantage for improving athletic performance.
Artemis - 
Hardstyle Kettlebell Fundamentals Part I: The Program Minimum
• What is Hardstyle?
• Hardstyle Power Breath
• Benefits of Barefoot training
• Kettlebell Deadlift 
• Kettlebell Two Hand Swing
o Includes Hardstyle Plank
• The Turkish Get-up
o Includes Shoulder Packing Drills
• Finish with Two Hand Kettlebell Swing and Turkish Get-up Practice Application i.e. “Workout"
Hardstyle Kettlebell Fundamentals Part II: To Press ALot, You Must Press A Lot
• The Goblet Squat
o Includes how technique for the Goblet Squat applies to the Military Press.
• The Kettlebell Clean as it applies to a strong Kettlebell Military Press
• The Kettlebell Military Press
o Includes hardstyle tension techniques for a stronger Military Press.
• Press Ladder and Kettlebell Deadlift Practice Application i.e. “Workout” to practice Military Press and review Kettlebell Deadlift
Empowering Women Through Strength Training: The physical and mental skills you build in the training room apply to life outside the training room.
Women have been culturally conditioned to hate their bodies and to focus on how they look rather than what they can DO. Women can overcome this and feel empowered by building physical strength and a strong mindset through strength training. During this talk I will show you how, as there is nothing more empowering than not only feeling, but also KNOWING that you ARE physically capable and STRONG!
Rachel -
Constraints Led Culture: Encourage Action Through Environment
1. The Power of Moments: How an Orientation Changes Everything
2. Empowerment: Education is a Gateway to Empowerment
3. What are Standards?  Beyond Quotes on the Wall, Howto Actually Hold Them to It
There’s No Such Thing As Arm Care: A WholisticApproach to a Traditional Concept
1. What Causes Arm/Shoulder Injuries?  (This is Still a Mystery)
2. Non-Specialized Training is the New Sport Specific Training
3. How to Build ‘Bulletproof Shoulders’ - Brachiation(Hanging), Closed Chain Upper Body Movement, Full ROM Training in the upper extremities. 
External Weightlifting: Constraints Led Approach in the Weight Room
1. The Contrasts of Mindsets Towards Weightlifting in Europe and the United States
2. A New Way to Look at Sport Specific Training: Co-Contraction, Variability and External Cues
3. Practical Applications, Exercises to Consider
Craig - 
Grand Rounds - Lower Quarter
1. Assessment-Based Programming: A Scientific Framework
2. What are hallmark functions for making an impact
3. N=1 for handling complex systems with agility: Plan B it
4. Relatedness: Bridging the gap from current to required capacity
5. Potentiation Options: 1st MTP mobility; Frontal plane stabilizers, Torso “stabilizers”
Grand Rounds - Upper Quarter
1. Load Management & Yellow Flags
2. Return to Participation>Sport>Performance
3. Potentiation Options: Thoracic kyphosis; Faulty chest breathing pattern; Serratus a key trunk rotator; Shoulder function re-sets
1-1:40 Round Table 
1:40-2:50 Bob - Instability Training doesn’t do what you think it does- The science and practical application of training in/with unstable modes.
3:00- 4:10 Rachel - There’s No Such Thing As Arm Care: A Wholistic Approach to a Traditional Concept
4:20-5:30 Artemis - Hardstyle Kettlebell Fundamentals Part I: The Program Minimum
5:30-6:00 Roundtable
8:30 - 9:40 Rachel - Constraints Led Culture: Encourage Action Through Environment
9:50-11:00 Craig - Grand Rounds - Lower Quarter
11:10-12:20 Artemis - Hardstyle Kettlebell Fundamentals Part II: To Press A Lot, You Must Press A Lot
1:30 - 2:40 Bob - Strength: It’s necessary but to what degree?
2:50 – 4:00 Rachel - External Weightlifting: Constraints Led Approach in the Weight Room
4:10 - 5:20 Bob - Anaerobic (glycolytic) vs Aerobic (oxidative) training for Anaerobic sports
5:20-5:50 Roundtable
6:00-6:30 EXOS active mobility 
8:30-8:50 Bob - Bonus
9:00-10:10 Craig - Grand Rounds - Lower Quarter
10:20-11:30 Artemis - Empowering Women Through Strength Training: The physical and mental skills you build in the training room apply to life outside the training room.
11:40-12:00 Rachel – Bonus
12:00-12:20 – Artemis -  Bonus
12:20-1:00 - Roundtable 
Limited Enrollment