16. juli 2020 - 10:00 tot 12:30
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UX without the stress | donderdag, 16. juli 2020

A workshop to help designers navigate demanding projects, using the best bits of performance and stress coaching.

Why this workshop?

As UX’ers, we can’t do our jobs properly if we’re stressed. Empathy, cooperation, lateral thinking, listening, concentration (the list goes on) are all diminished.

To help navigate demanding UX projects, Ben trained and got certified in Performance coaching and Stress management.

Ben now runs workshops (alongside UX consulting) to help designers thrive even on those messy, hectic projects!


This is a light-hearted practical workshop.

We’ll learn:

The physiology and symptoms of stress

The triggers for stress at work that we need to watch out for

We will also practice techniques including: 

Mapping sources of stress

How to deal with too much work and not enough time

Clarifying roles on a project (RACI)

Productivity and prioritisation (GTD)

Assertiveness and saying ‘no’ fairly

Overcoming procrastination

Self-doubt, and other thinking-patterns

Building a habit of taking breaks

Task modelling for stress management

And you’ll come away with your own play-book containing:

Worksheets to refer to afterwards

Your own manifesto for how to stay a healthy, happy, effective UX’er

An action plan for the things you want to master


“Thank you – this was super practical… I was feeling the pressure on a large and complicated redesign. I feel equipped and motivated now. This workshop should be compulsory for anyone in the industry.” 

“So good! I love my play-book!”

“This is the most helpful training I’ve done by a country mile.. I feel lighter already. Doing it as a team was awesome – we’ve already agreed between us that we’ll put in place most of this.”

About Ben

Ben is a UX consultant with 20 years experience in UX and digital strategy. He has delivered demanding projects for 02, Virgin, Nationwide, Waitrose, cxpartners, Samsung, BT, in London, Sydney and now Bristol.   Ben is certified in Stress Management and Performance Coaching, and run workshops to help the design community navigate challenging projects.