26. januari 2020 - 11:00 tot 13:00
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Charity Shop Hop : North London | | zondag, 26. januari 2020

The Charity Shop Hop: Visit all the hotspots you can cram into a couple of hours, scouring the four corners of London.
Charity shopping is like going on a blind date… without the cringe factor. There is love at first sight, hideous misfires (always try it on), and rampant butterflies when another shopper simultaneously dives for that rare record.
Charity shopping also deserves generous feel good points. Not only are you helping to support worthwhile causes, you’re keeping unwanted possessions out of landfills.
Each area of London has it’s specialty. Some neighbourhoods are a dead cert for pristine vintage and designer labels, others for collectible records and magazines, or fabrics and haberdashery and some areas are just great for grabbing real steals and bargains. Your guide, Sanna, knows where to look. She’s spent years hunting for props and wardrobe for photo-shoots and adverts, and she’s now leading monthly insider expeditions to all the hot spots you can cram into a morning or afternoon.
What started with just 3 routes, has expanded to over a dozen and counting!
But to make it simpler to book, they will now just be listed by region, so currently either Central, North or East London. There will be some South London routes coming soon too, but for the moment, we are just North of the river.
Please note: The map shown is to give a rough location only. Once you have booked your place you will receive further instructions, with your exact meeting place, etc.
You will also be given a map on the day to make notes of your favourite spots along the way!
This booking is for North London. 
There may be a bus or short train journey from the start point, which is not included, there will also be chance to grab a snack or coffee at one of the many cafes on the route. To keep costs reasonable, food and drink is not included in the ticket price.