28. januari 2019 - 18:00 tot 21:00
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******* Prevention for Black boys | Sister's Uptown Bookstore | maandag, 28. januari 2019

it is one thing to lose our boys to state violence. it's another to see them turn the violence on each other. and now we have to prevent them from taking their own lives. Black ******* is rising at rates faster than we can understand. we must take every opportunity to gather as a community to figure out what we can do to cultivate environments that prepare, protect and provide for our young men. we must affirm their value. or they will continue to show us what they think we think they are join us for this sober yet important discussion about strategies to speak life and demonstrate excellence for young Black men. the conversation will be facilitated from an African-centered wellness perspective. particular attention will be given to historical contexts, social media and popular music influence, and tools for cultivating emotional AND OPEN TO EVERYONEMonday, January 28, 2019Sisters Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center, Inc.1942 Amsterdam AveHarlem, NY