14. april 2020 - 8:00
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Simulation Operations Boot Camp | Level 3 Healthcare | dinsdag, 14. april 2020

This three-day event provides Simulation Operation Specialists and Simulation Technicians (all levels) to experience a new hands-on training experience, that is ahead of its time in the simulation industry. This venture provides you with the skills to enhance your capabilities of educating your colleagues and define an amplified version of your institution’ objects. Here at Level 3 Healthcare, we realize that you have encountered a multitude of trainings, lessons, and experiences within the healthcare simulation industry; your past experiences, including hands-on management and operations within a simulation lab is more than important. Therefore, we created the Simulation Boot Camp that is targeted to accent and expand upon those experiences. 
Some of the classes that we will be covering are: Moulage, AV & Engineering, Soldering, Simulation & Certifcations Test Prep, and Sim Center Basics. 
All classes will have an entry level and expert level option.