20. augustus 2020 - 10:30 tot 12:30
Hamilton Way, Mansfield, NG18 5BR, Mansfield
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Acorn Networking Mansfield | donderdag, 20. augustus 2020

Acorn Networking is a not-for-profit Networking group. The business networking group was established mid 2019 by Chris Brown, a local Network Marketer, to whom has the passion for helping others. Chris has seen the power behind business networking groups and it does increase business flow, Chris aims to help guide those needing assistance to get the best from their membership.

Chris has a great ethos of supporting local businesses, to bring together those interested in securing a more prosperous future for the local area. The Networking Group works with independent venues which use local employees, uses local suppliers and also are local owners.

This ensuring finance exchanged from the group and with its members does help support the local economy. The primary objectives of Acorn Networking is to promote and foster growth of businesses with particular emphasis on encouraging new business formation and business expansion alongside activities that promote the economic and social well-being of the area.

We give Business Growth Sessions within our meetings that help grow businesses as well as business presentations for a better understanding on the featured business. Acorn Networking helps ****** those who are new to networking and ensure they get the best from the meetings. So whether you are new to networking or a networking guru, there is a place for you at Acorn!

Why not come along to one of the venues and see for yourself how business networking can help you and your business grow.

Acorn Networking is a new innovative way to do business networking and it works. At acorn, we believe you should be supported through your journey of business. We pass on average £800 of business to one another in the first six months of running which is amazing for a small independent networking group.

Here's what to expect in our group sessions:

Open networking to start with, so if you are running late don’t worry, you will not miss anything.

We follow through open networking with a 60 seconds round to your business...

Every business deserves the spotlight to tell others on what you do. We also recognise the best 60 secs slot.

Tell us:

Who you are

What you do/sell

How we can help - what connections you'd like to make and who you would like to be put in touch with.


It's best to prepare a little something before you arrive. We sometimes have a themed meeting for our 60 secs to be based around.

Business presentation, is a featured 10 min presentation on what a member does for the business. It is to highlight in more depth a better understanding on the business, to help refer clients and new business to that person. It is a specific presentation to raise awareness and knowledge to others. We have a different speaker each and every meeting.

Business Growth Session is a 20 mins session on hints and tips on how to help grow your business. This is free advice and guidance and is an aid to help you grow. It is not a sales pitch however if you want to take services from the guest speaker as it is something you can benefit from, then it all goes towards growing your business. These sessions are to help and guide you, avoiding pitfalls of business, to help and prosper your growth.

The last 20 mins, we have a light **** to eat with refreshments, this is the time to open network again with someone that has caught your eye and you want to do business with. A time also to exchange business cards.

Once the meeting has finished, you can still network within the venue.

If you have a roller banner and literature, please bring this down as sometimes we take photos of the group and it helps promote your business if information is seen in the back ground.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and don’t forget to book your place at this next meeting.