06. oktober 2019 - 12:15
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Belong & Grow - October 2019 | Northland Church | zondag, 06. oktober 2019

Whether you’ve been here a short-time or a long-time, take the first step to discover how you can connect to what God is doing in the midst of this church family. Beyond a program, seminar, or small group, Belong & Grow is a catalyst for life change. Belong & Grow provokes questions, conversations, and stretches your comfort zone through group experiences, which are designed to help you hear His voice in surprising places. In a world that can be fragmented, isolated, and empty, Below & Grow allows you to experience a different way of life: community, intimacy, and generosity. Through this four-week experience, we hope you will be emboldened to live out your calling as a radical follower of Jesus. Lunch is provided each week, so come hungry and ready for fellowship!