06. november 2019 - 18:00 tot 21:00
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Open Evening: Future Vision of Meanwhile Gardens | Meanwhile Gardens | woensdag, 06. november 2019

Join us for an Open Evening at Meanwhile Gardens
Why attend?
Meanwhile Gardens is in it's 43rd year -  we want to ensure it goes on for many many more. 
We want to hear from you what you would like see in the gardens, to continue to make it a truly inclusive community space for all. 
Come, Listen, Learn and Get Involved in shaping the future Vision of Meanwhile Gardens.  

Let us share our Vision of the future with you 
Join the discussion and help develop and strengthen the vision 
Hear about the current activities and initiatives in the Gardens
Hear performances from the Metronomes Steel Orchestra and maybe have a go yourself

The Open Evening is organised by  Grow meanwhile - a community-led initiative creating a long-term vision for Meanwhile Gardens - centred around a new lease that extends to the old factory building, a site vital to making Meanwhile Gardens an inclusive community space. 

Meanwhile Gardens is a 4-acre community garden in the heart of an inner-city London neighbourhood, on the border of North Kensington and Westminster.
Today, people come from all around, from all walks of life, to plant, to garden, to nurture a bit of earth. We need to come together to look after it. To repair Meanwhile is a lesson in how we must come to treat the whole world.
And as we take care of the gardens in this way, the gardens will take care of us in return.

Register and come along - we look forward to seeing you on the 6th November!
- Grow Meanwhile Team -