13. september 2019 - 19:00 tot 21:00
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Luna Yoga & Meditation workshop | NW6 3SG | vrijdag, 13. september 2019

Our next yoga and meditation event is Friday 13th September 7-9pm. 
A gentle relaxing yoga class followed by a time for tea and mingle then an easy going meditation and moon musings. We end with an easy going forgiveness and release ritual.
A space for you to relax and release tension. 
A place to mingle and make new friends over tea and moon musings. 
No dogma just good vibes all the way. 
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This Luna yoga & meditation workshop is on Freya’s Day...Goddess Day Friday 13th September....it’s not unlucky it’s a beautiful day of love and fluidity. It’s full moon in Pisces and this moon is known as the Harvest Full Moon as in times when we lived with the land more and in partnership with Luna and the seasons. September was the original harvesting month before and closest to the Autumn Equinox.
What’s Freya’s Day I hear you ask?
Well it’s a long story...so here’s cliff notes...
1. Also known as Frigg’s Day
2. Nordic Goddess of love & Fertility
3. Friday 13th is actually luckiest day for partnerships and weddings. 
4. Friday was considered a lucky day. It was a day to get married, have children, plant crops
5. Christians began to denounce Freya as a witch and claimed that many misfortunes befell on this day. 
6. This is also why Friday the 13th is considered an evil day.
7. So rebel the Christian dogma and go out and celebrate Friday 13th for its actual real ness of the Goddess Day that it is!