17. september 2020 - 9:00 tot 16:00
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Education as a Pedagogy of Hope and Possibility: TEESNet 2020 | Liverpool Hope University | donderdag, 17. september 2020

Education as a Pedagogy of Hope and Possibility: The Role of Teacher Education in Leading Narratives of Change
The 12th annual TEESNet conference will explore and address complex and interrelated global challenges and the ways in which these suggest different approaches or narratives.
For some, there is an urgent need to recognise these challenges in terms of crisis and catastrophe, and to prepare for significant uncertainty, change and ‘deep adaptation’. For others, the emphasis is on cultivating a sense of hope and empowerment, especially amongst young people. Between these two is growing recognition of the need to shift from individual to collective responses, engage critically with our responsibilities towards each other and the planet, and foster creativity in imagining and adapting to new possibilities for human existence.
TEESNet 2020 seeks to address the pivotal role of teacher education in responding to local and global implications of these narratives.

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