24. februari 2020 - 19:00
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Mindfulness Meditation | Obus Wellness Centre | maandag, 24. februari 2020

What people say about learning to meditate:

Mindfulness Meditation has helped me with my panic attacks
I get so much more done since learning to meditate as I now can concentrate better
Meditation has been life changing, it is a tool I use very day.

Why Meditate?
A quote from Flourishing by Dr Maureen Gaffney, one of Ireland’s most accomplished psychologists.
“People who practice meditation consistently report a heightened sense of physical and psychological well-being. They report feelings of greater serenity, compassion and joy.
Mindfulness Meditation is an enjoyable way to manage ourselves, quite unlike the effortful application of willpower that exhausts us.
It results in greater overall well-being, better immune functioning, faster healing and more brain plasticity.
Regular meditation makes people measurably happier.  And even people who take part in meditation training programs lasting only a few weeks show long-term benefits”
What happens during mindfulness meditation?

Activity decreases in the part of the brain that arouses the flight-or-fight response.
There is a decrease in negative feelings
The release of stress hormones is slowed down.
Blood pressure decreases
There is increased activity in the parts of the brain that trigger relaxation and calm.
This relaxation and calm enables you to experience positive emotions such as joy and happiness.

Meditation is:STOPPING the mind and the bodySITTING STILLDOING ONE thing at a timeDEEP RELAXATIONEXPLORING your resistance to STILLNESS
This course teaches you the building blocks needed to successfully meditate.

Sitting Postures
Mindful Movement
Body Scanning
Breath Awareness
Relaxation Techniques
Address your resistance to stillness
Learn to transfer these techniques into your everyday life
Lengthening your “sit” and going deeper into the experience