06. september 2019 - 16:30 tot 17:30
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Defeat The Helix: The Human Resistance Needs You! | Wellcome Genome Campus | vrijdag, 06. september 2019

Anyone can enter Mission HQ to help defeat The Helix at an Open Saturday or a Genome Late but could you accept a second mission to be part of the human resistance? You have 1 hour to race against the clock in this bookable immersive game for teams of 3-6 players. We recommend this for players aged 14+. 
The Helix are threatening the Wellcome Genome Campus, which houses all the research that has been done on the extraterrestrials; the research that could in the right hands destroy them. You have 1 hour before The Helix break in, 1 hour to retrieve the 4 bases that make up Helix DNA, that can be used to find their one weakness. You ARE the last of the Human Resistance!

Once you've booked a session, make sure you register all of your players for the Open Saturday or Genome Late event too, on the date that you will be attending!
Please note, for the first bookable session on each date (4.30pm Fridays, 12 noon Saturdays) begin before the main event starts. Please follow signage when you arrive to begin your experience.

I can no longer attend my session, what should I do?
There are limited sessions available, and they are in high demand. If your group is no longer able to make your reservation, please cancel your booking using Eventbrite, or by emailing the Wellcome Genome Campus team: engage@wgc.org.uk
Do I need to prepare? 
There isn't anything that you need to prepare for this immersive game, nor bring anything special with you. You will not need to use your mobile phones or other devices as part of the experience.
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Please email the Wellcome Genome Campus team if you have any questions: engage@wgc.org.uk