15. augustus 2020 - 12:00 tot 16:00
The Roots Movement, Haarlem
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Roots Constellation Workshop with Stepping Forward | zaterdag, 15. augustus 2020

The Roots Movement and Stepping Forward’s Veronika Nab are joining up to organize the ????? ????????????? ????????.

Family constellations, you may have heard someone talking about them or read about them on social media. Curious about what they might do for you? Then block ???????? ?? ?????? in your agenda and sign up now!

You can not choose where you are born and grow up. You also have no say in the core values of your surroundings in early life. However, in the present moment you decide how you use what was given to you by your surroundings, your roots.

Systemic work can support you in understanding how your family ties, your country of origin, culture and the various systems you are part of, can influence your life.

Researching this for yourself helps you with feeling rooted, receiving support from your family system regardless of the circumstances, setting boundaries without feeling guilty and having love flowing through your system.

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The workshop will mostly consist of practical work, in various forms so each participant is able to get the best personal experience.


Date: Saturday 15 August 2020

Time: 12 – 16 o’clock

Participants: 16 max

Costs: €37,50

Register via email or dm us


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Veronika is a certified facilitator of systemic work, lifestyle coach and also works as a social worker. Her roots lies in Colombia, the Netherlands and Germany. She likes working with people who are willing to live and create through passion, even if this is still difficult or unclear. Roots and identity are the foundations for the work she does. If we are able to connect to where we are from, we will have firm ground under our feet and are better able to choose direction. She invites you to playfully look beyond the known paths, to new loving ways and opportunities that suit you and contribute to the collective.