17. december 2019 - 12:30 tot 20:00
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Partner meeting 3ID LABS | | dinsdag, 17. december 2019

Between 12.30 - 13.30 arrival time with food and drinks.
13.30 Partner meeting: follow up and plans of 3ID LABS workshop based
14.30 Student testimonials on LAB studio learning15.00 Keynote on the LAB studio model: Mr Kimmo Paajanen, founder of the LAB studio model15.30 Kick-off climate LAB Coffee and cake: 

*Ms. Leen Van den Neste, chairman of the executive committee VDK Bank Ghent

*Dhr. Joris Gansemans, advisor Climate Policy at the city of Ghent, cabinet Tine Heyse,  Deputy Mayor of Environment, Energy and North-South
*Dhr. Imran Uddin, Director of education and student policies Artevelde university of applied sciences

16.00 Presentations of tested prototypes GATE 318.00 Reception for students, staff and partners20.00 End
More information on 3ID LABS to be found on our website, AVS-reportage, VRT-article