18. november 2019 - 14:00
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EUROCITIES Working Group URBAN AGEING study visit, 18 – 20 November 2019, Ghent | Ghent | maandag, 18. november 2019

Ghent strives for an age-friendly city where elderly people can live in their own environment for as long as possible. The focus is on different areas of life: public domain and accessibility, mobility, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, social participation, communication and  information and finally health and care. Hereby a resolute choice is made for an integrated approach whereby care and welfare partners work together based on a joint responsibility. Structural participation of the elderly, thorough cooperation between all partners, sharing of knowledge, networking and innovation are important principles in the elaboration of this age-friendly approach.
Working Group Urban Ageing is meeting in Ghent, on 18-20 November, to learn from Ghent's approach and exchange on intergrated healthcare services and care for people with dementia. In addition, members will have the opportunity to discuss innovative appraoches for inclusive and adaptive housing. 
The agenda will be structured as follows:
Monday, 18 November
Afternoon: ESPON Meeting (open to WG urban ageing) members
Tuesday, 19 November
WG urban ageing study visits
SITE VISIT 1: LOCAL SERVICE CENTER “DE KNOOP” (the knot), Ledeberg, Ghent
The visit will focus on multi-stakeholder collaboration in the field of healthcare (about 70 welfare and health partners are involved to work in a more integrated way) with the aim of creating neighbourhood oriented care networks.
Lunch break
Visit of a brand new residential care center for people with dementia and young dementia, including a presentation on approach of Dementia within the City of Ghent (support of informal care, programme to support the well-being of people with dementia etc.)
Wednesday, 20 November
Presentation on Ghent’s accessibility approach for elderly people in the public domain & housing + innovation housing for the elderly (mobile informal care home, common group purchase…)
Members presentations
SAF Business Meeting
Lunch with members from WG housing (TBC)