01. december 2020 - 20:00 tot 21:00
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Turn Your Home Computer Into An Amazing Income Producing Machine | OnlIne Webinar-Your PC, Laptop, Or Tablet | dinsdag, 01. december 2020

A FREE Workshop That Can Change the Way You Think about Money
John Crestani’s Free Workshop is an eye-opening, 1-hour session with the definite potential to change your life for the better!

During this fast-paced and fun workshop, you'll discover:  How To Join An Affiliate Network: You will get access to the Clickbank affiliate network, and be walked through, step-by-step, how to setup and use your account. Clickbank will be the company that writes you checks, and pays you all the commissions that you'll be earning.
Setting Up Your Website: You will be shown, step-by-step, how to setup your presell page to promote products on ad networks such as Google and Facebook.
Facebook Ad Setup: You will be shown, step-by-step, how to setup Facebook ads, in the best most profitable manner possible, so that you can start earning commissions Fast.
​Common Setup Mistakes: You will be shown the common mistakes or obstacles that affiliate marketers make in the setup process, and how to avoid them. How To Setup an Affiliate Website: Watch John on his computer show you step-by-step, click-by-click exactly how to setup a profit producing website even if you have zero technical skills, and have never setup a website in your life before.
Watch Live as We place An ad and the  dough starts rolling in
How to Split-Test Your Way To Higher Profits: Learn how you can make minor changes to your affiliate website to give you a massive advantage over other affiliates, and see greater profits.
​3 Website Setup Mistakes to AVOID: I will show you the three most common website setup mistakes that are easy to make if you don't know, but easy to avoid if you do. No need to ever get frustrated in setting up your internet business.
​Wrap-up & Bonus Gift: A summary of the content covered, and a special gift that will help you become a marketing Jedi.
And so much more

Knowledge is the New Money!
Money doesn't make people rich. Knowledge makes people rich. 
It's why so many lottery winners ultimately wind up broke. It's also why some members of the super-rich (like Donald Trump and Henry Ford) have filed for bankruptcies yet were able to rebuild their fortunes.
Financial knowledge can never be taken away from you. It gives you the ability to create cash flow for you and your family no matter what happens to the rest of the economy.
You Can Make Money or Make Excuses
The choice is yours. Everyone wants to be rich, but only a select few will ever TAKE ACTION and get the financial knowledge they need to make their dreams come true. You can be one of that select few!
Choose ACTION. Choose SUCCESS and I’ll see you at the webinar