19. november 2019 - 18:30 tot 19:30
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Ely - Monthly Meditation Course | Ely Library | dinsdag, 19. november 2019

Monthly Meditation Classes
On these monthly classes, discover different aspects of Buddhist meditation with an experienced meditation teacher and enjoy simple guided meditations to relax and revive. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary.
17 September - Introduction to Meditation
Meditation is an ancient technique for modern times - and everyone can learn to do it. With a practical teaching and guided meditations, this class will help you to start a meditation practice and to keep going.
22 October - What is the Mind?
What is the mind? How does it work? How can we improve our concentration and other peaceful minds? What is an enlightened mind? Learn the answer to these questions and more, with guided meditations to discover the beautiful and blissful nature of our pure mind.
19 November - Choose Happiness
By harnessing the power of meditation, we can come to understand that happiness IS an option. We can learn to cultivate positive, peaceful minds that make joy and happiness an everyday reality – for ourself and for those we love.
General information

Everyone is welcome to attend and no experience of meditation is needed. Each session includes a practical talk to help your meditation experience as well as two relaxing guided meditations. 

The course will be taught by our Resident Teacher and Buddhist nun, Kelsang Rak-ma, who has been practising and teaching meditation for over 17 years. 
Seating is on chairs and no special clothing is required. The room is upstairs and has full disabled access via a lift.