21. juli 2018 - 11:00 tot 23:00
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Dominator Festival 2018 | Official Art of Dance & Q-dance Event | E3 Strand | zaterdag, 21. juli 2018

See you next year at a new edition of the world's biggest outdoor ******** gathering! Keep an eye on www.dominatorfestival.nl for more information.

  • Dominators, thank you for voting Dominator 'Best harder styles festival' of 2017 in the Festivalcharts. See you on the 21th of July 2018 for a new, massive edition!
  • Really thinking about coming this year but not sure on the costs?
  • 😍😍😍
  • Les billets seront mis en vente quand ??
  • When someone shows you an event thats on in july.....
  • Anyone traveling from the uk coming over for the first time need some advice on place to stay and travel etc much appreciated
  • Megany Donkersloot💃💃
  • Kan iemand mij vertellen of het nu de 14 of de 21 ste is zie het overal anders staan en wil.graag optijd een oppas regelen 🤔😂😁🤗
  • What styles of music are here altogether please???
  • Julia...🤘😆❤
  • Vandaag Dominator laten vereeuwigen. 👊💪
  • Michel Jarzombek
  • Kijk Esther Syb Femmy Alie
  • Let’s enter the holy grounds of The Blades area at #Dominator2017 one more time. You can now listen to the early ******** sounds of The Blades area at our SoundCloud page. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/dominatorfestival/sets
  • Re-enter the world of pure misery. Watch the full aftermovie of Dominator Festival 2017 - Maze of Martyr now at https://youtu.be/0oxyaDT2v9A. See you in 2018 at a new, horrific edition!
  • Tickets are probably gone already are they?
  • Vivien Stitz lass mal hin gehen😍😅
  • We have already booked the hotel in Eindhoven to go from Spain! Yeaaahhh!! Dominator 2018... here we go!
  • People attending from UK.. How much did it cost roughly for tickets/flights/accommodation?
  • No line up yet ?! 😂 ...joke
  • Your triumphal escape was a hopeless mission... Relive the official closing show of #Dominator2017 - Maze of Martyr now, powered by anthem maker Dj Mad Dog!
  • Bevor ich im Internet Stundenlang nach Informationen suchen muss probiere ich es erst mal so!🤙😄 Meine Frage ist wann der Vorverkauf startet und wie schnell man sein muss um ein Ticket zu bekommen? Ich Danke schonmal im Voraus für die Informationen!✌️ Liebe Grüße
  • Billy Price get our flight in couple months 😈
  • Wesley Brink ?