21. januari 2020 - 10:00
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retailTRUST Wellbeing Resilience Workshop - Derby | Retail Trust | dinsdag, 21. januari 2020

Developed in partnership with the University of Westminster’s Centre For Resilience, the RQi™ resilience psychometric is the product of 5 years of research in to how effective coping strategies and mechanisms build personal and team resilience.
The 6 elements of resilience (opposite) of the RQi™ provide a common academic foundation for the 1:1 coaching and 2 day workshops that every leader attends during our resilience programmes.

Day 1 Resilience

Impact of stress on performance


Managing problems

Positive mindset

Managing emotions

Supportive relationships

Building resilient teams

Day 2 Wellbeing

Movement & fitness


Building a culture of wellbeing

Injuryprevention & management

Performance mindset




Dr Paul Turner PhD
A vastly experienced leadership & resilience coach, Paul has worked extensively with senior leaders in retail to deliver transformational behavioural change
Nick Kitchen
Boasting over 20 years in delivering change to people & organisations , Nick specialises in improving performance through cognitive & somatic wellbeing
Caroline Arnold
A former retail leader with Waitrose, Caroline applies her knowledge of the industry to deliver instantly applicable resilience & wellbeing training
Dan Reeve
A highly qualified and innovative physiologist & wellbeing specialist, Dan has many years experience in adapting performance physiology 

Please note this is a two day workshop based in Derby.
Times for the day are as follows: 

Day 1 - 10:00 - 18:00 

Day 2 - 09:00 - 16:00