12. september 2019 - 9:00
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Global Business & Human Rights Scholars Association annual workshop & Business & Human Rights Teaching Forum Meeting | University of Essex Colchester Campus | donderdag, 12. september 2019

This year, the Global Business & Human Rights Scholars Association (BR2R) and the Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum join forces for 2 days of exciting workshops and discussions on business and human rights scholarship and teaching.
Here, you can register for the BR2R workshop, the Teaching Forum meetings, or both. Unless you also select 'Thursday only' or 'Friday only' you'll be registered for both days. 
On Saturday, there will be a separate event honouring the work of Professor Sheldon Leader as one of the founding fathers of modern BHR scholarship and teaching. Details and a separate registration process will follow, but the event is expected to run from 9am - 5 pm on Saturday, 14 September.
Please note: While this event is listed as 'public', that is for the ease of registration. As BR2R and the Teaching Forum need to ensure honest exchanges of ideas and knowledge, if you are not a member of BR2R or the Teaching Forum, you will be contacted separately to discuss your participation.