05. oktober 2019 - 10:30
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HAPPY Workout (Oct 2019) | Buddhist Fellowship West Centre | zaterdag, 05. oktober 2019

HAPPY Workout
HAPPY stands for Healthy Ageing Promotion Programme for YOU! The programme, designed in Nagoya, Japan, was developed to help that region cope with an increase in the number of seniors dealing with mental health problems ranging from depression to dementia/Alzheimer’s.
Dual-task exercises are activities where the individual performs a physical and a mental task. An example would be stepping on the spot and counting out loud. This stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for the physical movement coordination and the cognitive functions. Evidence has shown that a dual-task exercise, such as the HAPPY programme, has a more beneficial effect than a single-task exercise.
Though targeted at people above 50 years of age, everyone can participate and benefit from the programme.
Every Saturday, from 5 Oct - 21 Dec 2019
Time : 10.30 am - noon
Venue : BF West