20. november 2019 - 11:30 tot 13:30
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The ABC of Timber Kit Design and Construction In Scotland | | woensdag, 20. november 2019

Kenneth Martin, Architect and Founder of Block Architects Ltd has 20 years experience in the design and delivery of timber kit buildings including home extensions, self build houses, mainstream housing including flats and houses.  At this event Kenneth will share some key knowlegde on the design and deliverability of this construction method, demystifying the contruction method and sharing with you some hints and tips as to how you can save £££ with your timber kit construction.
Mike Cruickshanks former Sales Director of Scotframe, Scotland will be joining Kenneth and the team at Block Architects ltd sharing some of his key knowledge on this construction method and throwing some perspective from the manufacturers perspective.
An event not to be missed if you are considering a timber kit project in 2020.