13. november 2020 - 8:30
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Pro Speaker's Kit - Want to be a Successful Professional Motivational Speaker? | 1400 McCallie Ave | vrijdag, 13. november 2020

Turn pro as a professional speaker! Learn how to get started in the speaking industry. Increase your bookings and increase your speaking fees. Change lives with your messages of motivation.The professional speaking industry needs fewer wannabes and more authentic voices. Being a professional speaker is less about your skill on stage and more about what value you can bring or what problems you can solve.
Pro Speaker’s Kit is a two-day, information-packed training class that gives you the tools to find speaking engagements, market yourself, and separate yourself from an industry that is wanting diversity in skill, topics, and delivery.
Classes are purposefully small with 6 people in total. Why only six? Because each person who commits to Pro Speaker’s is usually serious about amplifying their speaking career. Serious attendees deserve that special customized attention that you can’t get in large classes.
Pro Speaker’s Kit is held only twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall in Chattanooga, TN. Additional classes have been created on special occasions at other locations. The facilitator and creator of Pro Speaker’s Kit is Vincent Ivan Phipps.
Vincent is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). The CSP designation is the highest earned honor achievable by the National Speakers Association. Vincent has delivered over 3,000 paid presentations in almost every major city in America and in five foreign countries. Vincent delivers approximately 150 presentations a year. He is currently ranked in the Top 1% of the world’s best motivational speakers.
Pro Speaker’s Kit is designed to teach realistic strategies for current and aspiring speakers. The goal of each Pro Speaker’s Kit graduate is to deliver deeper value to each speaking engagement. This is done by incorporating core values Vincent feels every professional speaker should have. Content that is covered in each class includes:
1. Know the S.P.E.A.K. Levels of Pro Speaking – understand your place within the five levels of every speaker’s career.2. Learn the P.A.I.D. Technique – know the four qualification questions every speaker should ask before giving a rate.3. Find your niche using the T.R.U.E. Technique – be distinctive to avoid being compared to other speakers.4. Understand the Question Quest – discover four strategies that can keep your audiences engaged.5. Learn at your level – whether a new speaker or an experienced speaker, leave with a personal improvement plan.
Organize and Customize your Pro Speaker’s Kit experience.50% of the content is structured for attendees and the other 50% of customized based on each attendees needs.
Pro Speaker’s Kit is really two workshops in one. Day one is information and day two is the application. On day one, learn the truth about how to be successful as a speaker from one of the most booked speakers in the country. On day two, engage in real-time practice and video coaching to identify where you need to improve as a professional speaker.
Although Pro Speaker’s Kit, is not a public speaking class, every attendee should expect to speak a lot (a whole lot). The interactive style of the classes makes the learning experience more fun, more engaging, and more rewarding. Breakfast and lunch are provided on both days. Materials are also included. Pro Speaker’s Kit is about getting booked, getting paid to speak, getting re-booked to speak, and all while providing additional value to your audiences.
Stop looking at other speakers and wondering if you have what it takes. Start doing something now that get the knowledge and skill you need to fix the motivational problem of others. Amplify your career as a professional speaker and enroll in Pro Speaker’s Kit!