19. juni 2020 - 9:30 tot 16:30
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User Research | Auckland | Thinkspace | vrijdag, 19. juni 2020

Probably no other area of design has more impact on how successful your initial design decisions are going to be than user research. Most of us aren’t designing for ourselves, and a good understanding of who our users are and what their needs are is vital for successful design. This course teaches you how to identify the best type of research for a project, how to execute your research so you get the most useful results given the time and resources you have available to you, how to execute your research and how to make sense of your research results.
Who is it for
No prior knowledge is required to do this course, it is suitable for absolute beginners.
However the course is primarily aimed at:
Designers & developers
Designers and developers who want to learn how to discover the needs of the people you are designing for.
Strategists and analysts
Senior practitioners who want to gain an understanding of the basic principles of user research and put some flesh around their current practice.
Product owners and project managers
Product owners and project managers who want a better understanding of what their researchers need, how to use research to increase the quality of their decisions or who want to build the capabilities of themselves and their teams.
On the day
You will learn how to identify if a project needs user research
You will learn how to analyse a project to identify if that project needs formative user research in order to achieve its goals.
You will learn how to identify the kind of research you need
You will learn the different types of user research available to you and how to identify which one is the most likely to get you valid results given the time and resources available to you.
You will experience putting user research into practice
You will get to work in a team to design and execute a research project.
You will experience analysing and making sense of user research results
You will learn about common analysis techniques to make sense of the data you have collected and you will get to use one of those techniques on your own data.
You will learn how to present research finding
You will learn how to present you research in a way that is meaningful and compelling.
There are no prerequisites for this course, no previous experience with design or research is required.
What you should bring
Everything you need will be provided. We don’t supply lunch but we do do a morning coffee run and supply fruit and snacks to keep you going.
Terms & Conditions
 20 people workshop requires a minimum of 9 people to run.We will notify and refund you if this event is cancelled.No refund for withdrawal within 24 hours of the workshop date.50% refund for withdrawal within 8 days of the workshop are transferable to other people but not to other UX Gym courses.