06. mei 2019 - 9:00 tot 12:00
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BAMS Point MMA 37 Chambers at Expo 13 | Golden Nugget Casino | maandag, 06. mei 2019

ams point mma 37 chambers certification Willie The BAM” Johnson presents @ EXPO 13 * Masters of Martial Arts Awards. This event is open to all ages. Come and see top martial artists in action, learn from the best and participate in various seminars. This event offers adults an opportunity to get BAMS Point MMA 37 Certification. Designed to be east to learn and teach, 37 Chambers is effective for both ring and the streets. With certification you become a Point MMA Ambassador and certified to teach and develop Point MMA Champions. What a wonder way to inspire and develop the youth in your community. This is your Call 2 Action. Included in this Private Seminar is also a General Pass into the Kung Fu & Karate Expo 13 April 6th 2019 Golden Nugget Casino Atlantic City NJ