27. januari 2018 - 22:00
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Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] | GelreDome | zaterdag, 27. januari 2018

Sixteen acts, four formations, one dome. Hardstyle rules with this brand new edition of Hard Bass. On Saturday the 27th of January, 2018, the absolute heavyweights of the harder styles hit the decks in the massive GelreDome in Arnhem (Netherlands).

Most of you are familiar with the formula: four chapters that represent every level of Hardstyle. Expect unique performances, spectacular live acts and an epic show. Can’t wait?

➤ Watch the official trailer here: https://youtu.be/EMBOCW8n6Kg

➤ Watch the official 2017 aftermovie here:

➤ Line-up:
Psyko Punkz
Sound Rush
LIVE: Coone

D-Block & S-te-Fan
LIVE: Spirit Of Hardstyle (ft. Atmozfears, Audiotricz, Bass Modulators, Noisecontrollers)

Sub Zero Project
LIVE: Adaro

LIVE: Radical Redemption

Hosted by DV8

➤ Tickets & travel packages
Tickets are available via http://hardbass.tickets.b2s.nl. The first ticket buyers received a free upgrade to a Premium ticket. A premium ticket provides a separate entrance, a free locker per two persons, access to the Premium lounge and Premium deck and an exclusive Hard Bass gadget.

Planning to stay for the whole weekend? Hotel packages are available via http://travel.b2s.nl. Don’t want to drive? You can book a bus- or combi ticket via www.eventtravel.nl.

➤ Ticket prices:
Regular: 72.50 incl. 4.75 fee (excl. payment costs (from 0.62c per transaction)). Premium tickets are sold out!

➤ More info @ www.hardbass.com
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  • Time is ticking 🕰 Only 1 week to go, until you can experience Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]! Are you ready for this spectacular show? #HB18
  • This Tuesday, Radical Redemption answers your questions about his closing act at Hard Bass. 🔥 What would you like to ask him? Drop your questions in the comments! #HB18
  • We must exert every single routine, to detect any possible error ✖ Team Yellow is showing us how far we can really go. Are you ready for Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]? #HB18
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  • Next week it's time for Hard Bass! Did you already listen to the warm-up mix by Team Red? 🔥 #HB18 ▶ Check out the mix: http://bit.ly/2DnooHB ▶ Listen to the Spotify-list: http://spoti.fi/2gOe4Lt
  • The first Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] merchandise is now online! Go check it out ➡ http://store.b2s.nl. #HB18
  • Outside the walls of the GelreDome... life has come to a breaking point. The line between human and machine is fading. Creating a cyber genetic force will be the next step. It's almost time to start this process; it's almost time for Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] 🙌🏼 ➤ Check out all the latest info you need to know here: http://b2s.nl/l/hb18latestinfo #HB18
  • The countdown has started... Only 2 weeks to go until the first big indoor-event of the year takes place: Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] <3 With who will you go crazy at the GelreDome? #HB18
  • It's time to reveal the warm-up set for Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]... The men from Deepack will play during the opening set from 10.00 till 11.00 this year! Let's go crazy 🙌🏼 #HB18
  • This Thursday at 15.00 CET, the anthem maker of Hard Bass answers your questions. What do you want to ask Dj Adaro? #HB18
  • We're just moments away from Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]. Are you ready? Check out the warm-up mix of Team Yellow now! #HB18 ▶ Warm-up mix: http://bit.ly/2CVLzbN ▶ Spotify-list: http://spoti.fi/2gOe4Lt
  • Out now! 🔥 Check out the extended video of Dj Adaro & E-Life - Black Rain (Official Hard Bass 2018 Anthem). #HB18 ▶ Get your copy via your favorite portals: https://b2s.lnk.to/black-rainFa
  • Uploading software is the key element of creation. Designing our machine to act on all commands. A wide spectrum of Hardstyle will be represented at Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]. Are you ready for a new chapter? #HB18
  • We always go out with a bang 💥 Only a few weeks until Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] takes over the gigantic GelreDome. Which Team Red artist is your favorite? ❤ #HB18
  • The men from Spirit Of Hardstyle are already preparing themselves for the first big indoor event of 2018 🙌🏼 Get in the mood for their set at Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] tomorrow at 04.00 PM (CET) with the SoH podcast 'Hard Bass special'. #HB18
  • [Finalizing: Team Red... Radical Redemption live] Ruthless activities and brutal measures are taken to control the instrument that is now out of control. Flames, steam, the shrilling sound of metal against metal ignites a wave of sparks. One member of this team carries enough power to shut this operation down at Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]​. #HB18
  • We would like to know your opinion about Hard Bass and what you expect of Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]! Fill in the survey now and you may win a Hard Bass 2018 CD. #HB18 ➤ https://nl.surveymonkey.com/r/HardBass
  • What was your favorite Hard Bass year? #HB18
  • No Hard Bass without spectacular fire(works) 🔥 Who are you going with to Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]? #HB18
  • The high-end assembly line of Hard Bass will deliver an indestructible machine with unprecedented capabilities. Are you ready to be part of this secret project? A massive and unique stadium event is about to take place. It's almost time for Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] #HB18
  • [Invading: Team Red... Rebelion] When the machine is reaching destructible speed, we need red-blooded masterminds to stop the crashing. Brace for enormous impact and test the limits of this mechanism. These two musical geniuses stand stronger than one to dominate this collapsing process at Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]! #HB18
  • [Invading: Team Red... E-Force] Dark metal grates against the surface, leaving behind a trail of sparks. Watch your back, because this machine can move unexpectedly. This man possesses every force needed to control this instrument at Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event]. #HB18
  • We proudly present you the official Hard Bass 2018 [official b2s event] anthem! #HB18