17. juni 2019 - 8:30
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Thermography Level II (ISO 18436-7) Certification | | maandag, 17. juni 2019

Training Language : DutchTrainer : IRISPricing: 2.100€/participant
This Level II certification course is offered in conjunction with the ITC (Infrared Training Center). This training focuses on the application of thermography as a predictive maintenance technique and the more advanced application of these techniques for experienced infrared camera users. A certification examination is provided on the morning of the fifth day of training.
This course is recommended for Level I Certified Thermographers. A minimum of 6 months of practicalexperience is required.

How to strengthen the Level I thermography knowledge with the latest technology and applications
Broaden your ability to apply infrared thermography
Infrared theory and heat transfer
Development of thermographic inspection routes
Infrared thermography and the electromagnetic spectrum
Calculation of associated software costs
Emissivity measuring and interpretation
Improving the quality of the thermographic analysis
Infrared inspection report development


4 days, with examination provided on the morning of day 5
This training session is given in Dutch