17. september 2019 - 19:00 tot 22:00
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Edmire Club #3 | Plein Publiek | dinsdag, 17. september 2019

Edmire Club #3: Make the shift
Tuesday 17.09.2019
Location: Plein Publiek
Doors: 19.30h

PROGRAM:20.00h - 21.00h ___ Talks
21.15h - 22.00h ___ Expert Advisory Panel

What is sustainable behavioral change? And how can designers or businesses influence their consumers to make the shift to more sustainable consumption? Let’s find out together during our third edition of Edmire Club.We invited 3 experts on this topic who will talk about their expertise in behavioral change and who will participate in an expert advisory panel to answer all your questions. 

Expert Talks

(https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadjazeiske/)Nadja Zeiske (NL) is a PhD Candidate in Environmental Psychology at the University of Groningen. Her research focuses on people's motivation to act sustainably. She is particularly interested in examining what factors influence people's intrinsic motivation, and what strategies can be employed to strengthen people's intrinsic motivation to act sustainably. 

This lecture will be in Dutch

(https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefaanvandist/)As founder of Trinity Consult, Stefaan Vandist (BE), foresight and innovation consultant with a focus on sustainability, works as a one-man-army, distributing inspiration on the future. He helps organizations explore the big challenges we have ahead and develop innovation boulevards in order to thrive and be resilient.
His client portfolio is very diverse. He worked and works for governments, corporates, start-ups, even musea. 
You may also know Stefaan as co-founder and managing partner of Studio Sparks and member of the board of directors of Glimps. 

This lecture will be in Dutch

(https://www.linkedin.com/in/maartendesmet/)Maarten Desmet (BE) is a social entrepreneur specialized in sustainability. He is a founding partner of For Good, a social enterprise that makes sustainable living easy with the help of a smartphone application, and founding partner of Endeavour, a social enterprise that provides research, innovation and consultancy in urban planning in order to make cities more sustainable and inclusive. You may also know Maarten by his research and book on Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness, a sustainable development approach that takes into account well-being and its indicators.

This lecture will be in Dutch

Expert Advisory Panel

Nadja, Stefaan and Maarten will host our first Expert Advisory Panel and will try to formulate the answers to all your questions on sustainable behavioral change. 
Let us know what content you want our experts to discuss and suggest your questions before the start of the event. 

Entrance is free but subscription required. Tickets are limited so please cancel your ticket reservation in case you might no longer be available to attend the event!