27. mei 2019 - 9:00
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Body Language Master Trainer | Washboard Art & Jazz Café | maandag, 27. mei 2019

Master Business Anatomy – Become a Body Language “Master Trainer”
1 - General Objective:
To enable trainees to discover and practice Body Language through a certified training, to train companies, individuals and trainers in the future towards awareness by applying Body Language, yielding amazing results. Improve your professional & personal life and get your business anatomy degree, transform and breakthrough!
2 – Specific Objectives:
See what’s never being said, in meetings, sales…Raise your self-confidence and negotiate on a higher levelUnderstand clearly what is meant by what people sayDiscover a lie vs. the truthPull people towards you instead of pushing them awayIncrease results with 80%
Discover Body Language during a Profound Certified TrainingTrain Companies, individuals and trainersIt will enable you to provide in-company trainings as well as train new trainers to "Full Body Language Experts"
Practical: Public transport: With tram 4 of 8 Stop at "Bolivarplaats" opposite the new Palace of Justice.CAR PARKING at walking distance.==>> Healthy hot lunch at the venue included for the 3 days!Company or Group? Contact us for our special deals: sales@renedeceuninck.com or +44.7534.421.454. (also via WhatsApp)Direct transfer: Belgium KBC:  IBAN: BE46 7370 3185 4136  BIC: KREDBEBBUK HSBC:   IBAN: GB82HBUK40051961887564  BIC: HBUKGB4BOr:
1 – Introduction:General introductionParticipant introductionTrainer Introduction2 – Recap – Reasons Recap “Trainer”Analyze Body Language - ExerciseWhy would you become a trainer? - Exercise 3 – Worldclass content: Get trainedKnow your content by heart - ExerciseHow do you become worldclass in learning and teaching? - Exercise4 – Practice your presentation:Discover the importance of daily exercising wherever you areDefine what you want to teachHow do you create your presentation? - ExerciseEnd Day 1DAY 2 5 – Mission – Vision:Different teaching techniques for max resultsStart your journeyWhat your Mission – Vision and why? - Exercise 6 – Techniques and resultsDiscover the magic of techniques in presentationsHow do you get maximum results being a presenter/trainerLearn how to create a syntax that makes sense - Exercise 7 – Become a MasterHow do you open and close your presentation? Know how to walk the talk and create great rapport - ExerciseProfound and in-dept brain study - Why we do what we do 8 – Create a cultureThe importance of subliminal messagesPosition yourself in the marketDiscover how to create a Body Language Culture Causes that influence you as a trainer - ExerciseEnd Day 2DAY 39 – Create an energy and frequency that last Discover what others think or feel without saying a wordIs there real interest? Discover the Nano signs of the faceThe real handshake, the basis for a future relationship - Exercise10 – ApplicationsBody Language in meetings - ExerciseBody Language in business and sales - ExerciseBody Language in public speaking and during interviews - Exercise11 – SignalsSignals of dominance - ExerciseSignals of disturbance - ExerciseSignals of seducing - ExerciseSignals of decision makers - Exercise12 – FinalFinal exercises Final test “Master Trainer”Wrap up and Master Trainer Certification
End Day 3