June 15-21, 2020: Magic of Alaska Nature Photography Tour | Homewood Suites (Meeting point or we will pick you up in Anchorage) | maandag, 15. juni 2020

Are you ready for a magical Alaskan photography experience at the height of the Summer Solstice?

Magic of Alaska Photography Tour
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Magic of Alaska Tour:  June 15-21, 2020(7 days / 6 nights)

Bear Extravaganza Tour (optional extension):  June 10-13, 2020(3 days/3 nights)

Rates (US Dollars): Magic of Alaska 7-day tour   • Single room (1 person/room):      $6895.00*   • Shared room (2 people/room):     $6695.00/person*
Includes all meals, lodging, scheduled excursions, ground transportation, transportation from Kenai airport in Alaska to on Day 1 through to your return trip to Anchorage airport by 6:00pm on your final day of your tour(s).
Rates (Us Dollars):  3-day Bear Extravaganza Tour   • Shared Lodging only:  $2695/person
(Includes your pick-up at Kenai airport on 6/10/2020 and transportation to our lodge in Sterling, AK for a one-night stay, followed by round-trip charter bush plane, ground transportation, meals, and two nights lodging in Chinitna Bay, Alaska for bears.)

A non-refundable deposit of $1000 holds your reservation for Magic of Alaska Tour  
A $1000 non-refundable deposit holds your reservation for the optional Bear Extravaganza  
First 50% of total cost due October 1, 2019 and remaining 50% due February 1, 2020. 
Airfare to/from Alaska and your point of origination not included. 
Magic of Alaska:  Six total seats available per week--Shared Room (2 seats available) = 1 private room for 2 registrants (1 queen bed, 1 single bed)--Private Rooms (4 seats available) = 1 private room per 1 registrant (4 available, each with single bed)

Bear Extravaganza Tour: 

Dates:  June 10-13, 2020 (3 days/3 nights)
Rate: (US Dollars):  $2695/person*  
(*Rate includes airfare to/from bear-viewing lodge, meals, shared lodging, and photography instruction as needed).  Very limited number of seats available.  
Register in conjunction with Magic of Alaska, or as a stand-alone option! 
Incredible opportunity:  Prime bear viewing with an average between 20-40 bears observed per day! You'll travel by bush plane to Lake Clark National Park and viscinity where you'll be amidst stunning bear country in Chinitna Bay.  This time of year is perfect for viewing sows and cubs, mating behavior, clam-digging on the tidal flats, feeding on sedges, and other antics that bears often engage upon.  No extensive hiking or difficult physical treks involved.You'll stay one night at our beautiful lodge on the Kenai River in Sterling, AK then leave early the next day to spend two nights in a well-equiped lodge that offers abundant bear photography opportunities.  In comparison, most one-day trips to Lake Clark and other bear viewing areas typically run about $1200-$3300/person per day--totalling $3600+ for 3 days.  Most do not include lodging, and will only give you about 5-8 hours of total bear viewing per day. Langell Photography works directly with an outstanding lodge with a high concentration of brown bears nearby to offer you three days of bear viewing, plus lodging, airefare, and instruction for a fraction of the cost.
What to expect:  You will fly round trip via bush plane from our base in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska to a beautiful lodge on Lake Clark National Park. Our lodge is tucked away in one of the most beautiful corners of Alaska with some of the best coastal brown bear viewing in the world. The lodge & modern cabins are on some of the only private property on the north side of the bay surrounded by Lake Clark National Park. The lodge is located just south of Mt.Illiamna in Chinitna Bay. Chinitna Bay is known to have world class bear viewing where you get abundant views of bears and other wildlife in their natural habitat.  This is real Alaska. Unlike several other well-known bear-viewing locations, here you will have NO lines, NO timed platforms, NO large crowds, NO long hikes, and plenty of opportunities for diverse bear viewing scenarios.
You will be transported to/from the lodge by 4WD vehicles about 1-3 miles to various locations that are excellent for bear-viewing and photography.   This helps avoid lengthy hikes, helps you carry gear more easily, and leaves more time for photography!  A local guide will always be with us to help ensure our safety, comfort and best viewing opportunities for bears.
Our small group will lodge in modernized cabins (shared lodging with 2-3 per room, single beds), plus our own restroom and showers. Delicious meals, snacks and beverages are thoughtfully prepared by the lodge's staff on-site.  
Seating is very limited.  Book early to guarantee your spot. 

About the Magic of Alaska Tour 
Join award-winning, professional photographer, Lisa Langell, on her 47th excursion to Alaska -- plus and an additional photography instructor--for a 1:3 instructional ratio on a very customized, boutique-style nature photography adventure!  Lisa knows this area so well -- and this is an experience of a lifetime where you will be provided instruction if/as needed to help you meet your goals without sacrificing opportunities to photograph the wildlife.  You'll also have ample time to shoot independently and/or with feedback as needed.
This event is intentionally kept small and intimate—you are one of only six (6) participants on an incredible journey through some of Alaska’s most stunning scenery and wildlife habitats along the Kenai Peninsula and Gulf of Alaska.  Our activities are designed to avoid crowded shooting locations, increase wildlife sightings, and maximize photographic opportunities.This is the only tour of its kind in Alaska for excellent nature photography.  No other 7-day tour replicates our varied itinerary, privacy/exclusivity, incredible lodging, home-cooked meals, and diversity of species we will see. 
Your leader and primary guide, Lisa Langell:
Lisa is known not only for her emotionally evocative wildlife images, but for her friendly, supportive, upbeat, and down-to-earth approach to helping you learn to take your wildlife photography to the next level. 

Your level of skill:   Hobbyists/amateur level through to advanced photographers welcome!

With two dedicated leaders per six participants, this workshop and tour experience offers one of the highest instructor-to-student ratios (1:3) of any workshop in Alaska.  We cater to everyone from the hobbyist who wants to learn more through to the advanced photographer who may occasionally want to augment skills, but mostly wants to be shown the best locations for photography in the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula.This event focuses on photographic opportunities first, but we will also provide you with periodic tips and instruction as needed.  We'll also give you plenty of time for you to photograph between an estimated 70-90+ species of birds, mammals and marine life against a backdrop of mountains, volcanos, spruce forests, glaciers, rivers, lakes, fjords and ocean vistas.   You will travel by boat, vehicle, and float-plane to take you to these magical places, all while receiving the support of two photography instructors and various local guides to enrich your experience.   

What about physical fitness? 
This workshop is rated as "easy" with regard to phyical difficulty and exertion. It is ideal for people with a variety of physical fitness levels.  

Moderate walking (typically we will walk no more than about 1/10 of a mile, rarely more at any given time.  On the Bear Extravaganza Extension, there is a chance we may walk up to 1/2 mile on rare occasion, but usually it is no more than 10-50 yards.  
You will need the ability to get in and out of various vehicles (e.g., small boat, small plane, SUV, van).
We have had people between the ages of 30-84+ participate successfully on this workshop.  
Dietary restrictions:  As your meals are deliciously homemade by our local staff, we are able to reasonably accommodate most dietary restrictions (e.g., allergies/sensitivities, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.)  

What is the Learning Culture?   
You are in good, kind-hearted, learning-oriented hands!  This workshop features a culture of warm, supportive instruction and guiding provided in a fair, humble, non-condescending atmosphere. Lisa Langell and her assistant both place strong importance upon maintaining an atmosphere of respect, positivity, fairness, kindness, and humility, regardless of your skills, knowledge or background--and we expect our participants to do the same.
Alaska is a special place and everyone deserves to have a positive experience here.   We encourage participants to leave ego at the door, "let your hair down," and be open to joining and facilitating a non-threatening environment for learning, collaboration, kindness, support, and fun.