18. juni 2020 - 8:00 tot 10:00
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Difficult Conversations | The STRIVE Group | donderdag, 18. juni 2020

Difficult Conversations: Learning to make difficult conversation easy
Some people are uncomfortable having difficult conversations whether at work or at home. This two-hour engaging class helps the participant navigate difficult topics. The instructor showcases the tools needed to have the necessary and difficult conversations.
Learning Objectives:

Understand what makes difficult conversations difficult
Learn how to navigate through the discomfort zone to have necessary conversations
Work through the process of preparing for a real-life difficult conversation

Attendees have the option of attending in-person or via web/video conference. If interested in attending via web/video conference, please contact us at 907-677-5532.

About the Instructor: Diane Decker

Diane Decker formed her own company in 2010 in order to focus on where she felt she made the biggest difference in her previous HR positions: coaching leaders and employees toward higher levels of performance and greater satisfaction in their jobs – and in life. She is a certified coach via the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and has an M.S. in Industrial Relations from the University of Oregon. Diane works with individuals, corporations, small businesses, and non-profits both within and outside of Alaska and the U.S.