04. juli 2020 - 19:00 tot 21:00
OCCII, Amsterdam
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Pretty/Ugly*OCCII * Hurricane Joe*Bagdaddy*Svartvit | zaterdag, 04. juli 2020



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First show 19:00 doors; 19:15 showtime

Second show 22:00 doors; 22:15 showtime

This is a seated concert, a limited amount of chairs will be put in the space with 1.5m distance, but if you come as a couple / pair / family you can sit together.

Note: to reserve a double seat please buy 2 tickets at the same time, if you wish to sit separately buy 1 ticket each.

Bring CASH for drinks!!!!!

Hurricane Joe (Bruja, Roffa, Narco Country)

Hurricane Joe is a narco singer from Rotterdam.

This maniac mixes a tex-mex style country sound with the raw energy of punk. I've personally seen him on stage multiple and each time was totally different, this Hurricane guy is hard to follow, I wonder what he will be up to next.

Als u wilt wissen dit evenement voort te zetten hier.