18. juni 2020 - 5:30
Kardinya, Western Australia, Alfred Cove
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I AM - Spiritual Gifts of the Modern Priestess | donderdag, 18. juni 2020

Discover your unique Spiritual Potential with the Power of visualisation techniques and Therapeutically graded essential oils

Spiritual Gifts of the Modern Priestess

In ancient times, the Priestess was known for having heightened contact to other realms through intuition and dreams.

The community would seek counsel from Priestesses to know what actions to take in their lives.

Are you a Modern Day Priestess or have a deeper knowing to awaken your sleeping Spiritual Gifts?

Do you feel called to be of service and hold space for others?

Are you highly intuitive and a sensitive, seek out rituals in your day, is your energy synced with the moon and have a deep connection to Source Energy?

The Modern Priestess’s life is rich in dreams, intuition, rituals, feminine leadership and a connection to the Divine.

In this sacred workshop we will lower the veil and tap into the Modern Day Priestess awakening within you.

Allow the energy and the synchronicity of the group to awaken your spiritual senses.

What if we all did in fact have a sixth sense and it was just sleeping?

What if over life times circumstances made you feel like you had to hide your gifts, abandon your magic and block your intuition?

Join us for a night of unlocking your Feminine Wisdom.

Discover plant medicine and essential remedies to clear blockages of your Clairs.

Discover your dominant gift and work to enhance your gift.

Whether it be;

Clairvoyance - clear seeing

Clairaudience - clear hearing

Clairsentience - clear feeling

Clairalience - clear smelling

Clairgustance - clear tasting

Claircognizance - clear knowing

We will delve deep into the spiritual realms and explore your dormant spiritual gifts!

*Experience a deep visualisation beyond the veil, across dimensions to clear and recognise major times when these blocks occurred.

*Receive a group healing, energy clearing, intuitive messages. Intuitive messages are not given to all, so set your intentions before you arrive and permission will be asked prior to sharing your message s.

*All participants will receive an Essential Oil Remedy to use on the area they would like to clear to take home.

Due to current number restrictions this class is open to our existing oily tribe and new clients wanting to learn more about Doterra Essentials and how they support Spiritual Awakenings.

Tickets are $35

and redeemable to those who wish to continue their journey with us and join our gorgeous tribe of women with support and workshops moving forward. Oils will be gifted to you on the night as well as a complimentary wellness consult in person with Natasha.

Please bring with you

A bottle of Water

Pen and Journal


Teas and Healthy Cacao Treats will be offered afterwards if anyone wishes to stay and chat :)

Address will be supplied to you on the morning of the event.

** Shell and Tash **

Natasha Cawley:

With a genuine love for humanity, and over 2 decades working with woman, I hold the space of love so that people may heal.

With what feels like a lifetime of working on myself in the personal development sector and studying numerous modalities including Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Touch for Health, Kinesiology, introduction to Naturopathy, Remedial Massage plus NLP Life Coaching, I love to work with people helping them align to their centre and return to their heart wisdom; reminding them of their own divinity.

Offering Intuitive Personal Soul Mentoring, Soul Aligned Business Mentoring and Spiritual and Aromatic Healing, I help release old non serving patterns and blockages for your soul’s ascension, remind you of the truth of who you are, and educate on Essential Oils as Plant Medicine Remedies.

Shelley Stewart:

Qualified in many fields and also in life experience, I provide space and opportunity for you to heal, learn and grow Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually, so you can BE and live the best version of you. Owner and Director of I AM, I'm an MBIT Life coach, NLP practitioner and Holistic counsellor.