17. juni 2020 - 10:00 tot 12:00
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Supporting return to work - a guide for managers | ReturnToWorkSA | woensdag, 17. juni 2020

Return to Work Coordinators are a great resource to facilitating and supporting an injured worker's return to work, but they can't do it alone! Managers, supervisors, and other internal supports are key to achieving successful return to work outcomes.
This 2 hour workshop is suited to those who are actively involved in a worker's return to work, but are not the Return to Work Coordinator. The workshop will provide participants with a greater understanding of the Return to Work scheme, what they can do to support their workers and Return to Work Coordinator, and how they can promote a positive culture around return to work.
This workshop may also be suitable for smaller employers who want to achieve a greater understanding of the Scheme, and improve return to work processes.