02. december 2019 - 8:30
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Official Scrum.org Professional Scrum with Kanban | London | maandag, 02. december 2019

Improve your Scrum by optimizing the flow of the delivery of value...
See https://www.scrum.org/courses/professional-scrum-with-kanban-training or https://www.scrum.org/psk
Scrum with Kanban Guide - https://www.scrum.org/resources/kanban-guide-scrum-teams
Scrum with Kanban Datasheet - https://www.scrum.org/resources/professional-scrum-kanban-datasheet
Scrum with Kanban Press release - https://www.scrum.org/resources/scrumorg-introduces-scrum-kanban-course-enabling-greater-transparency-among-development
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In a nutshell:  

The new Scrum with Kanban course teaches individuals and teams how to use Scrum with Kanban practices, without changing Scrum.
This 2-day course teaches Scrum practitioners how to apply Kanban practices while continuing the way they are already working today with Scrum, all without changing Scrum. Through theory, case studies and hands-on exercises, participants will understand the importance of transparency and flow as it pertains to the Scrum framework.

Learn from Scrum.org, how to implement complimentary practices from Kanban within Scrum, based on the Scrum with Kanban guide, while still using the original Scrum guide as the landmark.
Taking Scrum as "rule zero", learn the practices of Kanban through close-to-real-life simulations. Visualize your work with my signals to your team. Improve flow efficiency and customer value delivery. Introduce Monte Carlo probabilistic forecasting to your Scrum team. Discover lead times that are more consistent, notwithstanding complex work. Learn the more powerful world of Scrum with Kanban.
Learn from the one of the most active Scrum with Kanban practitioner/trainer/coach folks in the world.
Collect PDUs or other education units from John Coleman's Scrum.org classes. Scrum.org credentials currently don't expire! The PSM credentials have a higher standard than any competitive offering in the marketplace. There is a high mark to pass, and fewer attempts are available. Scrum.org has consistent training. Would you prefer a credential that is easier to attain and possibly less valuable or a credential that sets a higher standard, and sets you apart? The  Virtually all of John's students get through after their 1st assessment, with 1 to spare. And the scrum.org community is a lovely community that embraces the Scrum values in its actions, not just in words. Also, PSK is the only Scrum with Kanban credential in the world. We prefer attendees to be well versed in Scrum before attending class, like say by reading the Scrum guide several times at www.scrumguides.org and by reading several Scrum.org community blog posts.
Be prepared for an invigorating and exhausting class! Class sizes are small unless we learn a little about scaling topics when many people help with learning outcomes that relate to scaling.
John Coleman is an active practitioner with 14 years of experience in growing sustainable agility, real true agility. Learn from John's breadth & depth of current case studies with the latest trends and some leading & not yet known patterns. At John's highly rated training, John explains how being faithful to agility is key to success. 
John Coleman is an Irish Professional Scrum Trainer who lives in London and travels all over the world. He is also a LeSS Friendly trainer, a Leadership Masterclass trainer, a Product Ownership for agility trainer, and one of the world's most prominent Scrum+Kanban trainers, Scrum with Kanban on the inside.  By completing John's PSM classes, one is ready for a Scaled Professional Scrum class, a Certified LeSS Basics class, or a Certified LeSS Practitioner class by default, and optionally joins the LeSS community.
John's clients, directly or indirectly, included Shell, BP, Barclaycard, Lloyds Banking Group, Vocalink, MBB consulting firms, Centrica / British Gas, the Musgrave Group, RR Donnelley, DELL, Nordic Aviation Services, and Ericsson. 
John's Scrum+Kanban case studies are at www.scrumcasestudies.com (international payments company, European bank). John is one of the world's busiest Scrum+Kanban practitioners & trainers, Scrum with Kanban on the inside.
"ACe agility chefs" is a brand for developing agility chefs. John helps to establish new agility chefs, budding experts in both agility and transformation, two separate bodies of knowledge. John helps to reinvigorate in flight transformations and helps to start new ones. 
John is part of Marshall Goldsmith's #payitforward campaign and in so doing, sometimes offers free training to a selection of potential agility chefs. John is a  member of the #MarshallGoldsmithLead60 group, a cohort from the 16,000+ #MarshallGoldsmith100CoachesApplicants.
John works at all levels, with teams, with programs & products/services, values streams and exec level. John is a systems thinker, and most importantly, John takes an independent view. But John is also a people thinker; he specialises in Spiral Dynamics Integral, Viral Change & other human/social side models.
The marketplace is changing, and Scrum.org is leading the way.  Learn from the very best and most current & practising trainers right now! Who knows, maybe you'll also be an agility chef at some point in the future!
PSK video trailer
Testimonials at https://www.vocalreferences.com/scrum-master-product-owner-large-scale-scrum-scrum-kanban/orderly-disruption-limited-ace-works/20770.html 
See also John Coleman's Professional Scrum Master courses listed as LeSS Friendly Scrum courses, as well as John's Certified LeSS Basics training at less.works.
See also www.ace.works.